The Future of Work is NOW

The “Future of Work” always seemed like some distant transformation that our generation would be responsible for building but not experience first hand. But y’all... The future is NOW. Digital transformation is HERE. There’s no more time to ideate. There is no more time to predict outcomes. There’s no more time to ponder: 🧠 What are we doing this very moment? 🧠 What is expected to change tomorrow? 🧠 What do we want fight to keep the same? We can’t have panels and conventio

Pronouns Are Not 'Preferred'

Pride month coming up has me thinking... I see more and more pronouns listed on people’s profiles every day. It makes my queer heart happy to see this. That said, I believe LinkedIn should make this a profile feature for all accounts. Showcasing pronouns shouldn’t be something that some “progressive” leaders add to the end of their profile name to be “inclusive.” It should be a global initiative by the platform to create a more inclusive community. LinkedIn has such a global

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: What are the Differences?

▪️ Diversity is being invited to the party. ▪️ Equity is having the means to get to the party. ▪️ Inclusion is being asked to dance. ▪️ Belonging is having your dance moves celebrated. #People #HR #HumanResources #Diversity #Equity #Inclusion #Belonging #DEI #Culture

Recruiters: Do Better

📢 Now is not the time for “keeping a role open” in case good candidates apply. 🎙 Now is the time to be transparent about your hiring priorities externally. 🎙 Now is the time to shut down your auto-posts on LinkenIn for roles if you aren’t actively hiring. 🎙 Now is the time to reach out to candidates and prospect if you are fortunate enough to still be hiring, as there are qualified talent looking. Be helpful. Be humble. Be human. #Recruiting #HR #HumanResources #People #T

Remote Work: Connecting with Introverts and Those Less Likely to Speak Up

Listening is not enough when the most desperate voices are likely not speaking up or coming to you in this remote environment. You must keep an ear to the ground. You must make note of those you haven’t heard from, and reach out to them directly. You must open the door and invite them in. You must share your own experiences and struggles to help level the playing field. And, most importantly, you must be human. Right now, it’s important to lead with your heart and your gut —

Emotions at Work: For the Motherless and More

Mother’s Day is tough. Historically, it's always been two weeks after my mom’s birthday, but it's especially hard to avoid nowadays with social media. I have this Mother's Day ritual of watching Julia Roberts' movies in honor of my mom. Not only is "My Best Friend’s Wedding" my favorite movie, but my mom loved her, and I have many memories of us watching her films together. We are all grieving right now. As our work blurs more and more with our personal lives, we will have to

What kind of connection do I need today?

Ask yourself: "What kind of connection do I need today?" Is it connection with coworkers? Connection with friends? Connection with family? Or, most importantly, connection with yourself? We have been afforded this unique opportunity to have time to (re)connect. You can't do it all in one day. Ask yourself what type of connection you need today and follow that. #People #HR #HumanFirst #Connection #Connectivity #Human #HumanConnection

Momma's Boy

My mom’s birthday was last week. Like 7 birthdays before this one, I wasn’t able to call her on that day. This increased connection with coworkers, friends, and relatives has been really special, but it’s also made me grieve the family members I’ve lost more than normal. When the stability you create post-grief is taken from you, you desperately try to cling to everything around you. There’s not much to cling to right now. This challenging time brings up so many emotions. Be

Performance Management for Remote

As we shift to a more remote workforce, both temporarily and long-term, we must shift our performance management processes to be more agile. We see that productivity increases when employees work remotely. How can we harness that to ensure our company is being as productive as possible? How can we manage that productivity better? How can we elevate top performers and monitor closely bottom performers remotely? What ways are you thinking about the ever-changing landscape and h

Micro-Goals Now More Than Ever

Earlier this year, I introduced micro-goals at Knotch. As a startup, we were struggling to commit to KPIs and OKRs, as we moved faster than a quarterly performance metric allowed and encouraged. So, we went more granular, and we saw amazing results. Now that we are working remotely, these granular micro-goals have allowed us to stay focused amidst the uncertainty. We were already thinking about our goals weekly, so we had the flexibility to thrive in the ambiguity. If you are

Authenticity Can't Be Invasive

Authenticity is great. The progress we have made over the past few weeks has been incredible to witness. Working with kids and partners in the background. Seeing coworker’s desk setups, workspaces, and homes. Connecting and catching up over Zoom with one another. For some, though, it can be invasive. This time may be difficult for employees of different economic backgrounds, who feel pressure to display their background or home. This time may be difficult to parents who are e

New Rituals

• I listen to Whitney Houston in the shower. • I light a candle. • I put a dash of cinnamon in my coffee grounds before I hit brew • I watch the news, but only for ten minutes. • I write in my journal. • I look at my calendar for the day. • I write down my to-dos. • I respond to timely Slacks and emails • I begin working This is my new morning ritual. It’s nothing elaborate, but it’s keeping me (somewhat) sane. What are you doing to create some sort of cadence in all this? #P

Maybe Nimble Jack had a Point

Things are changing quickly. Information is jolting us one way and then another. We all have whiplash. We all want stability. We all are looking for some sense of normalcy. We must remain nimble during this time. There will be more change. There will be more setbacks. There will be additional pivots. There will be more tough decisions needed to be made ahead. To survive it all, we must be extremely agile. The days of clear corporate process, rigid swim lanes, and balanced wor

I Don't Have All The Answers

I certainly don’t have all the right answers - hell, I dyed my hair pink for Pete’s sake! I’m human. I make mistakes, try to learn from them, and move on. I’m humble enough to ask for help and encourage input from everyone around me. I believe ideas become stronger when other voices are brought to the table. Right now, it’s critical that we acknowledge what we don’t know, so that we can inspire others to share their ideas. We must be humble enough to stand in front of our fe

Meaningful Connections in Crisis

I have made countless meaningful connections and had numerous transparent conversations with so many of you over the past few weeks. There's been no agenda. No hard sells. No pushing ideologies or approaches. Just human to human connection and real conversations. It's been so [beep] refreshing! Through all of this craziness, I truly feel a part of a community... even here on LinkedIn. Let's not lose that when the dust settles. We are stronger together. Diverse perspectives st

In-Person Connection

I never realized how much I relied on in-person connection to gauge employee sentiment. Or, how much I relied on spontaneous interaction as a means of keeping my thumb on the pulse on the culture. In the office, when employees didn’t come to me, I could more easily go to them. When situations occurred, I had more visibility. When tensions were high, I could feel it viscerally. I’ve created more frequent office hours, so employees can ask me anything during this crisis and che

Connectivity in Crisis

Connectivity is more than just hopping on a Zoom or reaching out via Slack. Connectivity is about sharing experiences, leaning on one another, and leading with empathy. Some ways I am doing this remotely is by holding more frequent Ask Me Anything office hours, hosting company-wide, off-the-record mental health lunches to discuss anxieties and emotions around COVID-19, and allowing empathy to influence policy, process, and communication. How are you staying truly connected at

What Should Recruiters Do During COVID-19?

Recruiters: Your goals changed overnight. Your interview process was forced to go virtual. Your hiring priorities shifted or froze. Your function may be less crucial to the business for the time being. My advice to you: Lean into talent acquisition during this time. Remain flexible in your work. Prioritize strategy and long-term talent goals. Audit your employer branding, culture, and employee engagement / sentiment. While you can’t be seen as an efficient closer right now, y

Leaders: Be Human. Be Humble. Be Helpful.

Leaders must be human, humble, and helpful during this crisis. Human. Be overly approachable. Lean into your staff more than ever. Let them lean on you harder than before. Humble. Speak often about what you don’t know. Encourage new ideas and fresh perspectives. Ask for constructive feedback on what you could be doing better. Helpful. Oversaturate your intranets and internal comms with resources. Offer additional reimbursements and benefits to your teams. Create and encourage

Emotions At Work

It’s okay to get emotional at work. We have been taught that showing emotion is a weakness, but this is not true. Showing emotion is strength. Showing emotion demonstrates passion. Showing emotion makes you human. I’ve cried at work. In fact, I took 2 minutes after a call last week to cry. I’ve gotten angry at work, when I felt passionate about something and didn’t feel heard / valued. Bringing our authentic self to work is hard. Emotion will come into the picture the more au