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Micro-Goals Now More Than Ever

Earlier this year, I introduced micro-goals at Knotch. As a startup, we were struggling to commit to KPIs and OKRs, as we moved faster than a quarterly performance metric allowed and encouraged. So, we went more granular, and we saw amazing results.

Now that we are working remotely, these granular micro-goals have allowed us to stay focused amidst the uncertainty. We were already thinking about our goals weekly, so we had the flexibility to thrive in the ambiguity.

If you aren't micro'ing your goals - do it now. I truly believe the days of getting stuck in the quarterly are behind us. The future of performance management is going to be more flexible and the metrics we use are going to be more granular. Taking a worm's eye-view approach to goals instead of a bird's eye-view provides stronger attention to detail, ability to embrace change better, and lets you acknowledge losses and celebrate wins in the moment.

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