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Emotions at Work: For the Motherless and More

Mother’s Day is tough.

Historically, it's always been two weeks after my mom’s birthday, but it's especially hard to avoid nowadays with social media.

I have this Mother's Day ritual of watching Julia Roberts' movies in honor of my mom. Not only is "My Best Friend’s Wedding" my favorite movie, but my mom loved her, and I have many memories of us watching her films together.

We are all grieving right now. As our work blurs more and more with our personal lives, we will have to grieve and juggle our workloads at the same time even more.

We must be comfortable showing emotion at work. If we want to be our authentic selves, that includes every emotional mindset.

We can’t just shake it off.

We can’t just code-switch at the drop of a hat between emotions.

We can’t be okay if we aren’t.

It’s okay to be emotional. It’s okay to ask your coworkers and boss for help. It’s okay to not be ok.

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