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I Don't Have All The Answers

I certainly don’t have all the right answers - hell, I dyed my hair pink for Pete’s sake! I’m human. I make mistakes, try to learn from them, and move on. I’m humble enough to ask for help and encourage input from everyone around me. I believe ideas become stronger when other voices are brought to the table. Right now, it’s critical that we acknowledge what we don’t know, so that we can inspire others to share their ideas. We must be humble enough to stand in front of our fellow executives, our team, and our entire company and acknowledge the uncertainty we face. We must be nimble enough to pivot as our ever-changing world and environment shifts around us. We must be human enough to admit we don’t have all the answers, giving permission to others to do the same. This is a time for authenticity to become fully realized. Humility and human-first approaches are crucial to getting through this moment and coming out on top. We won’t get it right every step of the way, but we will learn and grow together... after all, that’s being human. #People #HR #HumanResources #Leadership #COVID19 #Coronavirus #Authenticity #HumanFirst

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