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Maybe Nimble Jack had a Point

Things are changing quickly. Information is jolting us one way and then another. We all have whiplash. We all want stability. We all are looking for some sense of normalcy.

We must remain nimble during this time. There will be more change. There will be more setbacks. There will be additional pivots. There will be more tough decisions needed to be made ahead.

To survive it all, we must be extremely agile. The days of clear corporate process, rigid swim lanes, and balanced work-life are no longer here. A company’s ability to remain nimble and embrace change will determine where they come out of this.

Jack was nimble and jumped over the candlestick, signaling good luck since he did not extinguish the flame as he cleared it. Now it’s our turn. Will the flame go out? Will we fall?Or, will we will stick the landing?

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