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Authenticity Can't Be Invasive

Authenticity is great. The progress we have made over the past few weeks has been incredible to witness. Working with kids and partners in the background. Seeing coworker’s desk setups, workspaces, and homes. Connecting and catching up over Zoom with one another.

For some, though, it can be invasive. This time may be difficult for employees of different economic backgrounds, who feel pressure to display their background or home. This time may be difficult to parents who are encouraged to have their kids on screen but miss the line once had between work and home. This time may be difficult for employees who are living alone, whose only social interaction is during work hours.

As someone who’s out, I take for granted my partner being in the background of my screen. That said, there have been times over the past few weeks where he has shown up in conversations where I typically wouldn’t reveal that part of my life. And in those moments, I have felt a sliver of the exposure this remote environment can create.

We must continue to lead with empathy and understanding. Authenticity is a good thing, but let’s be careful not to take it to the point of overexposure and invasion.

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