Put Resourceful Back in Human Resources

put the *resourceful* back in human resources. how are you helping the business grow? how are you helping accomplish the goals of the business? how are you building an org strategy that aligns with business projections? how are you being a resource to ALL employees (and more specifically BIPOC employees)? how are you being a resource to leadership and making them more impactful? sure, the name *human resources* is dated, but don't let the resourceful nature of our role fall b


Rejection. I faced a lot of it growing up. From kids growing up, for being feminine and suspected as gay. From my dad, for not seeing eye to eye as a teen. From my time as a performer, for not “making it.” I became used to rejection, which instilled in me an amazing ability to bounce back and push harder than ever before. Things haven’t often gone my way in life, but when they do, it’s because I, myself, pushed them over the finish line. Three things to note here: 1. Setbacks

My Candor

I get a lot of messages about my candor and honesty on here. For me, it's not something I think about as radical. Authenticity is something that I value - in my company, in my bosses and coworkers, in my friends, and in myself. I see so much phony and tired posts on here. It drives me crazy. And so, I aim to change that - one post at a time. Just be real. Self-promote if that's what you want to do. Sell if you have to sell. Say what you want to say. We all need to tear down t

Knotch named Inc5000

At Knotch , we had three goals this past year: to grow the team, to grow our customer community, and to grow our platform. Making the #Inc5000 list this year (and debuting in the top 12%) solidifies our accomplishments in all three of those areas and further proves our commitment to our customers, by listening to their needs and doubling down on our platform to provide them with unparalleled content intelligence. These key moves carried Knotch into our new fiscal year in July

Remote is Our Norm

Knotch recently announced that remote work will now be our norm. That said, we will have an optional workspace in NYC for those that wish to you use it. We are reimagining what that space looks like now. I share this, because I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to remain agile and malleable during this tumultuous time. As leaders, we have consistently pushed to answer questions and concerns, often before they are asked, in an effort to provide security and stabilit

HR Leaders: Stop Limiting Yourself

I often see #HR leaders limit themselves. HR leaders can have a say in operations. HR leaders can have a voice in comms. HR leaders can have an opinion in marketing. HR leaders can have insights on sales. HR leaders can have feedback on product. HR leaders can have thoughts on engineering. We have more to offer than we give ourselves credit for... Due to the current climate, many HR leaders are getting seats at the table for the first time. Use it wisely and widely. I influen

I'm Late To The Game

I’m late to the game. I’m *just* learning the power in asking more questions vs simply giving answers. Allowing others the power to formulate the answer and attempt to solve problems themselves is hard. Often, my job is conflict resolution. Problem-solving. Deescalating. I used to see that as listening and solving the problem in front of me as quickly and efficiently as possible. A fixer. Now, I see it as listening and asking. #HR #People #HumanResources #Listening #ActiveLis

Millennials, Don’t Beat Yourself Up.

Millennials, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay to be discouraged. To feel setback due to COVID-19. To feel stagnant. To be anxious to grow. It’s okay to do nothing. To mourn the world before COVID-19. To rest during down time. To not be creative or working on something right now. It’s okay to be angry. To miss the freedom before COVID-19. To be disappointed in failed leadership. To want to fight back. We will get through this moment and be stronger, smarter, and more resi

Not Voicing My Opinion: A Lesson

As a queer person from the south who was constantly silenced for fear that speaking out to lead to more bullying... As the youngest of six who always had to fight to be heard over the older, wiser siblings... As the son of two lawyers who instilled in their children that it’s not only right to have a viewpoint on something but one must express that viewpoint every chance they get... As someone who always has a lot to say... As a person who always felt that not having an opini

I feel trapped

I feel trapped. There was a moment, when cases and deaths were going down, and New York City was slowly beginning to reopen that I naively thought this was coming to an end sooner rather than later. Now, as cases are rising across the country, this “new normal” seems increasingly permanent. My workplace will continue to be my once large, now tiny one-bedroom apartment. My partner and I will continue to be stuck with each other 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. My mental health

The Great Minority

We all know that we have until 2050 to address climate change. What you may not know: We have until 2050 to address Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the workplace. By 2050, the collective minority will become the majority in our country - a shift I have coined, "The Great Minority." The fact is - our demographic is already changing. Many account these changes as the reason for the rise in hate crimes and violence. Fear of "white extinction" has been listed as on

My Response to BLM at Knotch

Last week, in response to the recent murders of Black lives and the increasing national conversation on racism, I rolled out a comprehensive five-step Inclusion strategy. 🤝 We will continue to build upon the inclusive culture we have. 👏 We will continue to amplify all voices. 🤝 We will create more equitable opportunity for all of our employees. 👏 We will strive for more diverse perspectives. 🤝 We will demand education, respect, and understanding. 👏 We will ensure all be

New Future of Work

Remember “Future of Work?” 📚 The former lens of “Future of Work,” primarily focused on the technical and digital revolution of work, has passed. 📖 I push for a new lens. As we know, by 2050, minorities will collectively become the majority. We are already seeing the most diverse high school and college graduates entering the workforce. Now, we are having much needed conversations around racism across industries. ✊ This the NEW “Future of Work.” (In fact, I would argue it wa

Salt's Pride Series

I was honored to add my voice to Salt's Pride series. "With the recent events in the world, we also can’t ignore that Pride itself is a form of protest. Being openly queer is itself political. The LGBTQ+ movement started with Brown and Black folx rioting against police brutality. We can’t lose sight of how Pride began and what Pride asks of us. We have to continue to speak out against injustice and fight for equality for all LGBTQ+ folx." "Pride has to be an internal and exte

Pride is not cancelled. Pride is restored.

Pride is not cancelled. Pride is restored. ✊ Pride started with riots against police brutality. ✊ Pride parades were designed to be marches. Pride is NOT a celebration. 👏 Pride is a DEMAND for the acknowledgement, empathy, and equality of LGBTQ+ people. 👏 Pride is a DEMAND for allies to become advocates. 👏 Pride is DEMAND for brands to amplify queer stories and voices (particular intersectional queer people and specifically Black queer & trans folx.) Do not cancel your Pri

SHRM Does NOT Represent the HR Industry

I must speak out. As an HR leader, I have been extremely disappointed and frankly disgusted by the way SHRM has posted about the topic of systemic racism and police brutality. These posts below are just small examples of how SHRM as an organization has proven to be dated and behind the times when it comes to the current need for inclusive leadership. I did not renew my membership with them due to posts like this that are blissfully unaware of the complexities of the situation

How to start Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: 💧 First, start with Diversity, by bringing different groups together. 💧 Next, move to Equity, and begin creating an environment that acknowledges advantages/disadvantages various groups experience and works to correct that imbalance, getting everyone to the same starting place. 💧 Then, once you have leveled the playing field, you are ready for Inclusion, and employees can begin feeling valued and heard for who they are. 💧 Lastly

BLM: How Should Corporations Respond?

We ask black and brown employees to bring their authentic selves to work, despite the fact that simply being their authentic selves gets them killed time and time again across the country. ✖️ Seeing employee's living spaces on Zoom is not enough. ✖️ Leading with heart and empathy is not enough. ✖️ Celebrating inclusion & belonging is not enough. We can't call for authenticity when systemic racism and bias still exist in our communities and in our workplaces. We have to priori

Unpacking Unconscious Bias: Bias 101

✖️ Bias 101 ✖️ 😇 Halo Effect: Putting someone on a pedestal based on one positive trait or action 👿 Horn Effect: Putting someone in the doghouse based on one negative trait or action ⚖️ Contrast Bias: Comparing one person or idea to a group of people or ideas 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Affinity Bias: Favoring connection with people of similar background, beliefs, or experiences 💬 Confirmation Bias: Favoring opinions that back up your own pre-existing beliefs or ideas 🧮 Attribution Bias:

Afforded Time during COVID-19

This week: 👉 Take a mindless walk outside just to take in fresh air 👉 Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while just to catch up 👉 Cook something from scratch just to see if you can 👉 Start watching a popular tv show that everyone loves just because you never got the chance to watch it before 👉 Write a letter to someone and send it in the mail this week just because We have been afforded time to slow down. We have been afforded time to reconn