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New Future of Work

Remember “Future of Work?”

📚 The former lens of “Future of Work,” primarily focused on the technical and digital revolution of work, has passed.

📖 I push for a new lens.

As we know, by 2050, minorities will collectively become the majority. We are already seeing the most diverse high school and college graduates entering the workforce. Now, we are having much needed conversations around racism across industries.

✊ This the NEW “Future of Work.”

(In fact, I would argue it was the “Future of Work” all along.)

This is a make or break moment for many corporations. How companies tackle DEI over the next 30 years will determine their success. How companies address racism will determine their longevity.

Many companies will fail trying to get there.

⚖️ Where will your company fall?

🗣 How will you lend your voice and perspective to this NEW “Future of Work?”

🧠 Share your thoughts below 🧠

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