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SHRM Does NOT Represent the HR Industry

I must speak out.

As an HR leader, I have been extremely disappointed and frankly disgusted by the way SHRM has posted about the topic of systemic racism and police brutality. These posts below are just small examples of how SHRM as an organization has proven to be dated and behind the times when it comes to the current need for inclusive leadership.

I did not renew my membership with them due to posts like this that are blissfully unaware of the complexities of the situations we are currently facing as a nation.

I refuse to be silent on their need to course-correct and modernize as an organization. Not to mention, stop their capitalization off of tragedy, by promoting their products and asking for you to buy their tools on articles that attempt to discuss the wrongful murder of Black lives or the topic of racism.

I hope any of you that are members of the organization or are certified by them consider calling them out on their recent behavior.

It is not okay that they are the thought leaders and public faces of our industry. They have lost that privilege.

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