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Unpacking Unconscious Bias: Bias 101

✖️ Bias 101 ✖️

😇 Halo Effect: Putting someone on a pedestal based on one positive trait or action

👿 Horn Effect: Putting someone in the doghouse based on one negative trait or action

⚖️ Contrast Bias: Comparing one person or idea to a group of people or ideas

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Affinity Bias: Favoring connection with people of similar background, beliefs, or experiences

💬 Confirmation Bias: Favoring opinions that back up your own pre-existing beliefs or ideas

🧮 Attribution Bias: Assessing good behavior as your doing; blaming bad behavior on external factors (or people)

📋 Anchoring Bias: Relying heavily on one type of information, trait, or idea

👥 Conformity Bias: Behaving similar to others in a group (herd mentality )

And, lastly... reminder:

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