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The Art of Distraction

Last night, my therapist asked me how I have been coping these last few weeks. I struggled to find an answer.

The truth is, I have been coping by distraction.

  • Binging Netflix shows.

  • Reading that book I have been meaning to read.

  • Online shopping.

  • Drinking wine.

  • Bickering with my partner.

  • Working on projects I know I'll never finish.

Typically, I am a person that loves information. I'll watch the news every morning and every night. I'll read articles on my commute to and from work. I'll scroll through LinkedIn during downtime while at work.

Now, I can barely handle information. I can't sit and watch the news for longer than 10 minutes. I can't read another article about COVID-19. I can't scroll through LinkedIn without finding more articles about COVID-19. So, I go back to my distractions and try my hardest to keep myself busy.

How are you coping during this time? What are ways you are handling this ever-changing climate?

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