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Advice on Returning to the Office

Have you returned to the office? Here is some advice:

1. Take it easy. Don't overdo it. (Returning to the office isn't simple. We are habitual creatures who created learned behaviors during quarantine and work-from-home that will require time to dismantle and adjust.)

2. Drink coffee, tea, or anything to jumpstart your day and help you make it through the work day. (Being "on" 9-5+ is an adjustment. While you might not want to become caffeine-dependent, caffeine can help survive and manage the transition.)

3. Keep control of your calendar and day. Don't pile on meetings, catchups, or happy hours. (While fully reintegrating is something we all want to do, there were many important learnings made over the last year. Control over our own calendars, our own work, and our own time was a crucial one that we mustn't lose sight of.)

4. Manage your evenings and weekends. Maximize your time off. (Working-from-home allowed us the opportunity to more seamlessly integrate our work and life, making rigid scheduling less necessary. Returning to the office requires us to maximize our evenings and weekends to successfully reboot, recharge, and enjoy recreation.)

5. Enjoy it. (Many of us have waited for this moment for some time. Cherish it! Enjoy the increased human connection and collaboration, while retaining some of the learnings of the past year.)

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