I Am a Finalist!

Happy to announce that I am a finalist in Lattice's ResourcesforHumans Speaks contest! The winner gets to speak on a topic of their choice at their Resources for Humans virtual event in September. I have pitched to speak about the idea of Employee Success and discuss how to best instill this culture and mindset in a remote work or hybrid work environment. You can watch each pitch and vote for me, or any of the other incredible finalists, by casting your vote at the bottom of

Basecamp: A Lesson in What Not To Do

If you are looking for a way not to do it, look no further than Basecamp. I would say I am surprised... but unfortunately I know there are still many in power who feel this way about "societal and political discussions" in the workplace. I will not rest until every single one of these leaders are no longer in a position of power. You can't ask employees to be their authentic selves, and then in the same breath ban them from discussing the very things that impact their everyda

Hiring Managers: Stop With The Cliche Interview Questions

A few weeks ago, I caused *a bit of a stir* when I called for the banning of cover letters. Well (shocking no one) — I have more to say! Reevaluate your interview questions. Do they consist of 3 or more of the following: 🥱 Tell me about yourself. 🥱 What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses? 🥱 Why are you looking to leave your current position? 🥱 What’s your greatest achievement? 🥱 What’s a challenge you have faced, and how did you overcome it? 🥱 What would your curren

Personality Tests Are NOT Inclusive

Tip: 🚫 Don’t do this 🚫 Not only do personality tests often lead to confirmation bias, they also tend create cultures rampant with conformity bias. Essentially, they are the opposite of diverse thinking and inclusive approaches. 🚫 Stop relying on them 🚫 Quick reads in comments below. Follow me on Twitter for more thoughts like this. #DEI #DNI #Bias #PersonalityTest #Personalitytypes #Culture #Inclusion #Diversity #Equity

How to Approach Internal Communications

🚫 Internal Communications needs to stop being a marketing-led function. 🚫 🚫 Internal Communications needs to stop being a PR-led function.🚫 🚫 Internal Communications needs to stop being a compliance-led function.🚫 🚫 Internal Communications needs to stop being a crisis-led function.🚫 Internal Communications needs to be led with: 1. Empathy 2. Proactive Transparency 3. Inclusion & Belonging #Communications #Culture #Leadership #Messaging #Comms #InternalCommunications #

No More Cover Letters!

Ban cover letters. I can’t think of a bigger waste of time for a candidate than to have to draft a formal letter before even being considered for a position. What an archaic approach to recruiting. ▪️Perhaps necessary, before businesses understood that its people and its culture drives business productivity and success. ▪️Perhaps necessary, when employees were seen as resources not human beings. ▪️Perhaps necessary, before the age of social media, when sites like LinkedIn vis

Feature in "Rituals Roadmap" by Erica Keswin

I have always been a believer in rituals. They help anchor us; they give us a sense of stability. In this chaotic time, rituals have never been more important. And yet, many workplace rituals have had to change and evolve over the past year, as in-office cultures were forced remote, employees were met with unique personal challenges working from home, and the world around us changed rapidly every day. In her book, Rituals Roadmap, Erica Keswin provides tactical approaches and

Work as a Distraction During Personal Struggles

As someone who lost several close family members back to back, a rape and assault survivor, and a person who struggles with depression and anxiety, I’ve often channeled my trauma and emotions into productive energy. For me, work has always been a great outlet and a necessary distraction during these times. Part of the reason I went into HR is because I wanted all employees to be able to see work that way. I wanted offices to be a safe space, where people could be their authen

Remote First Work Culture

For the companies that are shifting from an in-office culture to a remote-first workplace, there are some crucial cultural adjustments that must take place to ensure workplace engagement & employee happiness remain intact. What are some of the ways you are refreshing your culture, adjusting your expectations, and revamping your core values to reflect your new normal? #HR #HumanResources #Diversity #Equity #Inclusion #DEI #People #PeopleOperations #Remote #RemoteFirst #Culture

Remote is Our Norm

Knotch recently announced that remote work will now be our norm. That said, we will have an optional workspace in NYC for those that wish to you use it. We are reimagining what that space looks like now. I share this, because I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to remain agile and malleable during this tumultuous time. As leaders, we have consistently pushed to answer questions and concerns, often before they are asked, in an effort to provide security and stabilit

Pronouns Are Not 'Preferred'

Pride month coming up has me thinking... I see more and more pronouns listed on people’s profiles every day. It makes my queer heart happy to see this. That said, I believe LinkedIn should make this a profile feature for all accounts. Showcasing pronouns shouldn’t be something that some “progressive” leaders add to the end of their profile name to be “inclusive.” It should be a global initiative by the platform to create a more inclusive community. LinkedIn has such a global

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: What are the Differences?

▪️ Diversity is being invited to the party. ▪️ Equity is having the means to get to the party. ▪️ Inclusion is being asked to dance. ▪️ Belonging is having your dance moves celebrated. #People #HR #HumanResources #Diversity #Equity #Inclusion #Belonging #DEI #Culture

In-Person Connection

I never realized how much I relied on in-person connection to gauge employee sentiment. Or, how much I relied on spontaneous interaction as a means of keeping my thumb on the pulse on the culture. In the office, when employees didn’t come to me, I could more easily go to them. When situations occurred, I had more visibility. When tensions were high, I could feel it viscerally. I’ve created more frequent office hours, so employees can ask me anything during this crisis and che

Writing a Book, Because What Else Can I Do?

I began working on a book over the weekend. Right now, it’s looking like a book of essays compiling personal experiences with work experiences. HR is typically seen as a third-party. Not quite on the frontlines. Not quite seated at the big table. All too often, we are seen as managers of problems versus problem solvers. We course-correct instead of predict outcomes. As a result, we begin fixing before we listen. We remove ourselves from the equation. We try to be unbiased, an

Reflecting: One Year at Knotch

A year ago today, I started working at Knotch, and what a year it has been! I have often joked that start up years are like dog years - one year feels like seven! That could not be more true for my experience at Knotch, but not so much because of how Knotch has changed, but how I have changed because of Knotch (and I am not just talking about my hair color!) I have grown so much over the past year, under the leadership of Anda Gansca, CEO, and Aron Tzimas, CCO. I have had th

Me Too: My Harassment Story

When I was 16, I applied to work at a local pizza place that my best friend worked. I didn’t get the job, despite her putting in a good word for me. She never would tell me why when I asked her. When I came out to her two years later, she revealed that it was because the manager thought I was gay, and he didn’t want to hire a gay guy. Fast forward to my first job after college, and I’m working in a “relaxed” corporate environment. Everyone jokes around and hangs out after wo

My Mental Health Journey

I see a therapist and psychiatrist. I have experienced suicide in my family, and I, too, have considered suicide at the lowest points of my life. I have experienced drug addiction and alcoholism in my family, and I, too, struggle from time to time with the side effects of my addictive personality. I have a family history of depression and anxiety, and I, too, suffer from depression and anxiety. I share all this because I believe more than anything that visibility is the only

Employees Want to be Heard

More than anything, employees want to be heard. They want their feedback and suggestions to not fall on deaf ears. They want to be valued for their opinions and perspective. They want to be seen for who they truly are — their full selves. They want to be asked questions and have their answers be received and taken into consideration in return. They want to be able to explain their mistakes. They want to be able to acknowledge their wins. They want to be able to vent about iss

Embrace the Fear...

Fear has a negative connotation. But, fear can be powerful if turned into action (Thanks, Susan Jeffers!) Fear seeps in with the unknown — a risk you’ve taken at work, your boss asking for a quick chat, a career move that has unpredictable outcomes. Finding the fear in something and doing it anyway can be the most powerful thing to do to set you apart. Take a leap of faith today. Try approaching something differently. Ask those questions you’ve been too afraid to ask. Speak

"We Belong Together"

In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working at companies that have had very identifiable workplace cultures. They all strived for inclusion with varying degrees of success. I only felt I truly belonged at two (one of those being my current company.) Belonging is so important, and admittedly, it’s hard to qualify. Belonging is not just creating an environment where people can be their authentic self at work. Belonging is also celebrating what makes them unique. Belonging