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Writing a Book, Because What Else Can I Do?

I began working on a book over the weekend. Right now, it’s looking like a book of essays compiling personal experiences with work experiences.

HR is typically seen as a third-party. Not quite on the frontlines. Not quite seated at the big table. All too often, we are seen as managers of problems versus problem solvers. We course-correct instead of predict outcomes. As a result, we begin fixing before we listen. We remove ourselves from the equation. We try to be unbiased, and by doing so, we lose our personality - our thoughts and our feelings. We minimize our own story and our own experiences in an effort to support others in their's. I've made it my mission to change that narrative. I want to be human and tell my personal story. I want to be humble about my career mistakes. I want to be helpful to others who are on this path or a similar one.

I have no literary agent connections or contacts. Honestly, I have no clue where this will actually go. It seems silly. But, it's also been therapeutic in sense to relive some of these stories and to put pen to paper. It’s given me some more purpose in all the craziness. Any connections you may have or thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!

(Oh, and I dyed my hair pink now, because why not!)

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