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Work as a Distraction During Personal Struggles

As someone who lost several close family members back to back, a rape and assault survivor, and a person who struggles with depression and anxiety, I’ve often channeled my trauma and emotions into productive energy. For me, work has always been a great outlet and a necessary distraction during these times.

Part of the reason I went into HR is because I wanted all employees to be able to see work that way. I wanted offices to be a safe space, where people could be their authentic selves. I wanted work to be place where one could escape the rest of their world, if needed. I wanted HR to be space where they could seek guidance or help without fear of persecution.

Work was my saving grace through many of my own traumatic experiences and moments of immense grief. Work gave me purpose and instilled me with the determination to keep going. I was fortunate to have mentors who let me lean on them. I was fortunate to work for companies where I could be my full self. I was fortunate to see HR work for the people early in my career.

Work isn’t perfect. Companies & HR have a lot of work to do. But, I believe we can continue to create these safe spaces and necessary distractions for our people. I’m excited to be at the forefront of that effort.

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