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No More Cover Letters!

Ban cover letters.

I can’t think of a bigger waste of time for a candidate than to have to draft a formal letter before even being considered for a position.

What an archaic approach to recruiting.

▪️Perhaps necessary, before businesses understood that its people and its culture drives business productivity and success.

▪️Perhaps necessary, when employees were seen as resources not human beings.

▪️Perhaps necessary, before the age of social media, when sites like LinkedIn visualized not just resumes, but the values and intent of every applicant

Today, many recruiters can’t take the time to read every cover letter, as we live in a digital age where the volume of applications have increased year over year. Many talent teams struggle to handle this operationally, and many AI platforms have been built to screen applications faster.

It’s beyond time to make the entire application process easier — not just for the company but for the candidate.

🚫 Stop cover letters as they were. 🚫

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