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Feature in "Rituals Roadmap" by Erica Keswin

I have always been a believer in rituals. They help anchor us; they give us a sense of stability. In this chaotic time, rituals have never been more important. And yet, many workplace rituals have had to change and evolve over the past year, as in-office cultures were forced remote, employees were met with unique personal challenges working from home, and the world around us changed rapidly every day.

In her book, Rituals Roadmap, Erica Keswin provides tactical approaches and guidance for leaders looking to form rituals in their workplace. Knotch is featured in Chapter 9: Rituals at the End of the Roadmap. While our rituals have shifted over the past year, they all answer Keswin’s ritual-mining question — “When do you and people on your team feel most likely yourselves?”

I can’t wait to read the rest of the book! Get your copy today! Link below.

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