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The Productivity Rollercoaster Ride That is COVID-19

My productivity and morale have been all over the place lately. I’ve had moments where I’m in my element and in the zone, and moments where I don’t know where to begin and struggle with my self-worth. If my productivity and morale were a roller coaster — yesterday they were Space Mountain. I struggled to focus, I didn’t know where to start my day, and around 4pm, I completely crashed.

This time isn’t easy for any of us. It has changed everything we were accustomed. For me: the confidence I once had in my role has been challenged; the comfortability I felt at work with my coworkers is no longer available; and the KPIs I was measured against have changed.

As my productivity and morale ebb and flow, I am working to allow them to be where they are. I am working to be patient with myself in this new normal. I am working to adapt to this change.

It’s a work in progress — and that’s okay. Let’s all give each other the permission to fluctuate during this time. Let’s all be patient with one another. Let’s all adapt together.

Be humble. Be helpful. Be human.

(Oh, and I briefly dyed my hair blue, because why not!)

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