Sleepless in Harlem

I can’t sleep. I stay up until 3 AM every night staring at the ceiling. Though I could easily blame it on anxiety, I don’t think that’s the culprit. After all, I’m not lying awake thinking about anything. I’m just awake. I’ve never had trouble sleeping in my life. I was that person who always falls asleep during movies. I was the first kid to fall asleep at the sleepover. I fell asleep before midnight every night and was an early riser the next day. This crisis has broken me

The Productivity Rollercoaster Ride That is COVID-19

My productivity and morale have been all over the place lately. I’ve had moments where I’m in my element and in the zone, and moments where I don’t know where to begin and struggle with my self-worth. If my productivity and morale were a roller coaster — yesterday they were Space Mountain. I struggled to focus, I didn’t know where to start my day, and around 4pm, I completely crashed. This time isn’t easy for any of us. It has changed everything we were accustomed. For me: th

Let Productivity Take A Backseat During This Epidemic

There is this immense pressure we put on ourselves to be productive during this time. Work on that side project you’ve been wanting to work on. Work harder at your job to prove your worth. Work on your relationships with family and friends. I know I have done this to myself. Perhaps it’s a coping mechanism? Perhaps it’s a need to pass this time with things that seem meaningful? Perhaps it’s feeling like you’ve been given more time to do these things in the first place? But, y