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Our Internal Response to COVID-19

At Knotch, we have not only had a corporate response to COVID-19, but we have had an internal response as well.

From a benefit perspective, we offer:

  • Our employees $15 a day for lunch (or $75 a week for groceries)

  • Reimbursement for remote supplies (i.e. monitors, keyboards, etc.)

  • Mental health stipend of $50/month (i.e. gym equipment, wellness apps, etc.)

  • Teledoc support through OneMedical

From a cultural perspective we offer:

  • A mandatory break for one hour a day

  • Additional leadership office hours

  • An ongoing Zoom called "Bar Knotch" where employees can hangout/collaborate

  • A variety of employee-led virtual events (i.e. Zoom Bingo, Trivia Night, Happy Hour, Meditation, HIIT Classes, etc.)

  • A separate Slack channel for all #COVID19 related news/updates, so employees can remove themselves from the noise

  • Corporate and individual donations to aid people effected by this crisis

  • Mental wellness virtual lunches around COVID-19 and the anxieties/stresses that arise during this crisis T

These are just some of the many benefits/offerings we have expanded upon and/or added during this crisis in an effort to better support our employees' productivity and well-being. Read more about our response to COVID-19 here.

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