Our Internal Response to COVID-19

At Knotch, we have not only had a corporate response to COVID-19, but we have had an internal response as well. From a benefit perspective, we offer: Our employees $15 a day for lunch (or $75 a week for groceries) Reimbursement for remote supplies (i.e. monitors, keyboards, etc.) Mental health stipend of $50/month (i.e. gym equipment, wellness apps, etc.) Teledoc support through OneMedical From a cultural perspective we offer: A mandatory break for one hour a day Additional l

The Ever Impossible "Work-Life-Balance"

Work-life balance? Who’s she? Never heard of her! In today’s technological age, work-life balance is nearly impossible. Everyone is just a email, Slack, or text away. We are always on, because we are always online and plugged in. So, how do you thrive in work and in your personal life? For me, I make a list of three things that I must do every day to stay sane: 1. Wake up with enough time to watch 20-30 minutes of the news and enjoy my coffee 2. Have dinner at home 3. Q

Say No

Millennials: It is okay to say no. Say no to college, if it’s not for you. Say no to an internship, if it’s unpaid. Say no to a recruiter, if they don’t see your worth. Say no to an interview, if you really aren’t interested in the job. Say no to the first offer, if you feel you deserve more. Say no to the job, if it’s a lateral move. Say no to your boss, if you can’t work late. Say no to work, if you are on vacation. Say no a counter offer, if you don’t want to stay at your