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"Future Of Work" is Now.

"Future of Work" is no longer some distant concept. It's here. COVID-19 has forced our hand. It has challenged the way businesses operate. It has challenged the way we view work and life (and attempt to balance the two.) It has challenged our very way of life.

I believe this is ultimately a good thing. Countless studies have shown that remote work increases employee productivity. The problem was our comfortability with the status quo. While I don't believe every business should adjust to a 100% remote workforce, I do think we can use this as an opportunity to create a more flexible workforce moving forward. One that allows employees to work remotely more often, to take more time off, and bring their authentic selves to work.

In many ways, this challenge has made us all have adapt to a new normal. It's been scary. It's been hard. It's been challenging. But, it's also exciting. We are changing the very way we do business, the way we work, and our global workforce. I've had to adjust multiple times over these past few weeks. I'm just now settling in to this new existence, and I am amazed by my productivity, by my drive, and for the future. You should be too. After all, this is the Future of Work right now.

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