I Am a Finalist!

Happy to announce that I am a finalist in Lattice's ResourcesforHumans Speaks contest! The winner gets to speak on a topic of their choice at their Resources for Humans virtual event in September. I have pitched to speak about the idea of Employee Success and discuss how to best instill this culture and mindset in a remote work or hybrid work environment. You can watch each pitch and vote for me, or any of the other incredible finalists, by casting your vote at the bottom of

HR: It is All the Rage, Y'all

What a cool way to start my Monday morning! Congrats to the one & only, punk rock (hr) legend, Laurie Ruettimann! Laurie is the personification of the future of HR, and one of the few thought leaders I consistently look up to and get inspired by. BTW — If you haven’t bought her book, Betting On You, buy it now! It’s a must read. Link below to purchase. #HR #People #HumanResources #HRLeaders #FutureofWork

Reinventing the "Work Space" & "Corporate Life" as We Know It

Regardless of which side of the remote vs in-office debate you fall on, you must admit — this is an exciting time and opportunity to reinvent work-life, the workspace, and the now trite, "future of work." I can't believe we have this unique opportunity to solve some of the problems we have experienced in recent years with work-life balance and the rise of "always on" work environments. I can't wait to see the different work models and office layouts that come out over the nex

Hiring Managers: Stop With The Cliche Interview Questions

A few weeks ago, I caused *a bit of a stir* when I called for the banning of cover letters. Well (shocking no one) — I have more to say! Reevaluate your interview questions. Do they consist of 3 or more of the following: 🥱 Tell me about yourself. 🥱 What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses? 🥱 Why are you looking to leave your current position? 🥱 What’s your greatest achievement? 🥱 What’s a challenge you have faced, and how did you overcome it? 🥱 What would your curren

New Future of Work

Remember “Future of Work?” 📚 The former lens of “Future of Work,” primarily focused on the technical and digital revolution of work, has passed. 📖 I push for a new lens. As we know, by 2050, minorities will collectively become the majority. We are already seeing the most diverse high school and college graduates entering the workforce. Now, we are having much needed conversations around racism across industries. ✊ This the NEW “Future of Work.” (In fact, I would argue it wa

The Future of Work is NOW

The “Future of Work” always seemed like some distant transformation that our generation would be responsible for building but not experience first hand. But y’all... The future is NOW. Digital transformation is HERE. There’s no more time to ideate. There is no more time to predict outcomes. There’s no more time to ponder: 🧠 What are we doing this very moment? 🧠 What is expected to change tomorrow? 🧠 What do we want fight to keep the same? We can’t have panels and conventio

Meaningful Connections in Crisis

I have made countless meaningful connections and had numerous transparent conversations with so many of you over the past few weeks. There's been no agenda. No hard sells. No pushing ideologies or approaches. Just human to human connection and real conversations. It's been so [beep] refreshing! Through all of this craziness, I truly feel a part of a community... even here on LinkedIn. Let's not lose that when the dust settles. We are stronger together. Diverse perspectives st

"Future Of Work" is Now.

"Future of Work" is no longer some distant concept. It's here. COVID-19 has forced our hand. It has challenged the way businesses operate. It has challenged the way we view work and life (and attempt to balance the two.) It has challenged our very way of life. I believe this is ultimately a good thing. Countless studies have shown that remote work increases employee productivity. The problem was our comfortability with the status quo. While I don't believe every business shou

Stigma Breaking During This Crisis

Now, more than ever, it’s important for People leaders to break stigmas. The stigma around this virus. The stigma around mental health. The stigma around working parents. The stigma around work-life balance. The future of work is no longer a concept. It came overnight, and it’s here to stay. Work and life are no longer separated, and for now and the foreseeable future, they are bonded. People are having to come to work from where they are — mentally, physically, emotionally.

The Ever Impossible "Work-Life-Balance"

Work-life balance? Who’s she? Never heard of her! In today’s technological age, work-life balance is nearly impossible. Everyone is just a email, Slack, or text away. We are always on, because we are always online and plugged in. So, how do you thrive in work and in your personal life? For me, I make a list of three things that I must do every day to stay sane: 1. Wake up with enough time to watch 20-30 minutes of the news and enjoy my coffee 2. Have dinner at home 3. Q

HR Isolation

HR people have to be chameleons. We have to be able to adapt to our surroundings. It’s a delicate balance — being approachable and removed. Being a culture representative and culturally adjacent. Being business-minded and empathetic. Being a mediator and a judge. Being a listener and a talker. It requires the ability to understand a certain point of view, then determine and understand the opposite point of view, and ultimately, make a conclusion and set the best path forwar