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The Ever Impossible "Work-Life-Balance"

Work-life balance? Who’s she? Never heard of her! In today’s technological age, work-life balance is nearly impossible. Everyone is just a email, Slack, or text away. We are always on, because we are always online and plugged in. So, how do you thrive in work and in your personal life? For me, I make a list of three things that I must do every day to stay sane: 1. Wake up with enough time to watch 20-30 minutes of the news and enjoy my coffee 2. Have dinner at home 3. Quality time with my partner I don’t get to do all three every day, but if I can get 2 out of the 3 accomplished, I maintain my version of balance. If I start deprioritizing these three things, I will start feeling burnout. What are your three things? How do you find your balance?

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