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Productivity for Extroverts During the COVID-19 Epidemic

I’m an extrovert. I didn’t realize the extent to which social interaction effects my day to day until this outbreak. Struggling with anxiety and depression, I’ve always known that I don’t do well in isolation, as I tend to spiral with extended lengths of alone time. Being in an encouraged self-isolation has been challenging on my mental state and my productivity. At the same time, as an HR professional, I know it’s important for me to be an example for my company — to boost morale, to stabilize (and hopefully increase) productivity while working from home, to support the team, etc. I won’t lie... it’s been really hard. Last week almost broke me. But, I’m starting this week with clear eyes and a fresh perspective. I share this because I assume I’m not alone. We will all struggle in this new normal. During this time, It’s important for leaders to be transparent. It’s important for all of us to address the unknown openly. It’s important for all of us to be there for each other and lift each other up. We will survive this together. Let’s lean on one another. Let’s make the most of this situation.

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