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Personal & Professional Development at Work: How to Carve It Out For Yourself

PAY ATTENTION to change happening around you. IDENTIFY OPENINGS & WEAK SPOTS within your current organization. DETERMINE OPPORTUNITY available and ask to own that which can help you grow and foster growth for the company. ——— Many opportunities I’ve had the pleasure of taking on in my career have been because I have paid attention, identified weak spots and openings (sometimes even before my bosses did), and asked for the opportunity to take on said challenge. Though it has always a risk for the company to allow me to do this, it has always been an easy sell, because I not only identified a problem, but I also aimed and attempted to solve it... while also being willing to learn, eager to grow, and determined to prove my worth. _______ #People #HR #HumanResources #Hypergrowth #Startup #PersonalDevelopment #ProfessionalDevelopment

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