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Introducing Employee Success

Employee Success is a function within the HR field that I am working to further create and define. I truly believe it will become an exciting opportunity and a crucial function in the larger People & Culture space.

Much like Customer Success, which set out to ensure customers achieve success through a product/service and meet desired outcomes, Employee Success works to ensure that employees are able to reach their full potential, be authentically themselves, achieve success and wins at work, and ultimately meet the desired outcomes of the business.

Employee Success works to be the connective tissue between the brand, the business, and the people.

▪️A brand (including the mission, vision, and/or purpose) is only successful if the business and its people live up to those words and beliefs.

▪️ A business, today, is only successful when their employees are engaged, happy, and filled with purpose. In addition, a business's brand must meet the moment we are in and be not only financially successful but socially responsible as well.

▪️A employee is only successful when they understand how their work is bettering the business and aligning with larger company goals, values, and purpose.

This is Employee Success. More to come...

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