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Board Seat: My New Role with NYC's Gay Men's Chorus

I am super excited and honored to join the board of Big Apple Performing Arts, home of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus and the Youth Pride Chorus.

As an HR executive and DEI specialist, I will be joining to help contribute to their overall commitment to better diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization and work to create a culture of anti-racism.

While gay men's choruses have a rich history of community building and early activism on issues facing the queer community, such as HIV/AIDs, they have long centered white, cisgender gay men. BAPA is working to create a chorus that better represents and embodies the entire LGBTQ+ community, while working to continue to build upon the history of these choruses, focusing on activism and community building that best serves the community at large today.

As a former performer, I am beyond proud to serve this incredible organization as a board member and look forward to the work we have in front of us. Hope to see you at live events in 2022!

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