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How and Why I Lead HR & Communications

In my current role as Head of People & Communications at Knotch, I help align the clients & the business AND the business & the people. In my experience, Comms as a function hasn't always started internally or leaned on the internal culture & values to help inform the brand story or position. Similarly, HR as a function hasn't always started externally or prioritized the business & its external presence and perception when building culture or hiring talent. In reality — Comms leaders must align the internal & external brand, particularly in our current world, where we are facing challenges such as a global pandemic, the mental affects from isolation, systemic racism, etc. HR leaders must take the brand & business and funnel it down to the people, so that even the most junior employee can rally behind and understand how their work affects the brand and business outcomes. I am so excited to be on this journey of discovering & defining the connection between Comms and HR. For far too long, I have heard that this fusion & collaboration is a "conflict of interest." That's a cop-out. This fusion & collaboration is the future. Brand, business, clients, and employees are all connected. It's time the approach to all four are connected as well. #HR #Communications #Comms #Brand

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