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Generational Divides Evident in Corporate Operations

Millennials & Gen Zers have grown up in a technological world like no other generation. This technology has made everything more instantaneous - text messages allow us to instantly communicate, video calls allow us to see one another virtually in real time, and online shopping allows us to buy everything we need without ever leaving our home.

The corporate world has not evolved as quickly. Professional & personal development moves at a snail's pace, comparatively. As such, Millennial and Gen Z workers often grow restless at work. With the rest of their world moving so quickly, why does their internal growth and overall career trajectory not move as fast?

The answer isn't to promote these workers more quickly or frequently. Nor is the answer for these workers to just "get over it." The answer is actually rather simple.

▪️ Acknowledge them frequently

▪️ Provide candid feedback for improvement in the moment

▪️ Offer them the opportunity to manage projects & timelines often

▪️ Hear what they want to do & where they want to go

▪️ Offer them steps to get there (both at your current org & beyond)

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to modernize it.

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