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Forgive Yourself

I’ve been trying to be more forgiving with myself this week. I have spouts of intense focus, where I get more work than I could ever imagine. And, then, moments where I struggle to focus and get anything accomplished. I require more mental breaks. I require more coffee. I require more rest.

I thrive in an always-on, fast-paced environment, but my home does not foster that. Though I know I am still doing my job effectively, I beat myself up for not doing more. I am not one who 'relaxes.' I don't take 'breaks.' I don't 'rest.' I come from a long line of do-ers. Do it because it's the right thing to do. Do it because you were asked. Do it before anyone asks. The mindset I am currently in is challenging the very work ethic I was raised to have and have worked so hard to keep.

Are you having to cut yourself some slack in this new normal? How are you staying motivated, while also understanding that your productivity may decrease from time to time?

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