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Drift's Virtual Event Certification

I received early access to Drift's new training + certification in virtual events. While a lot of the sessions reiterated some lessons we have all had to learn over the past year, as we shifted from in-person experiences to virtual, there were also so many incredibly tangible takeaways and insights for the pre, during, and post stages of virtual event execution.

The classes were short, delivered in mixed formats (video, text, presentation, etc.), and super insights-focused. It was the perfect amount training — something you could do for 5-10 minutes a day or all in one sitting.

The virtual event experience, which was once seen as the cheaper, less impactful option, has now become the norm. Virtual events are here to stay, and while they are easy to host, they do require different skills and approaches to execute them properly.

Check out the new training by Drift if you want to learn some new tricks, or just double down on the knowledge you already have! Link in comments below.

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