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COVID-19: Hourly Employees

During college, I made $8.00/hour as an office assistant at my university. I made $7.50/hour at my first summer job, working full-time hours. When I graduated college, my first job was a job where I made $12/hour. I never will forget how it felt to have to worry about my hours getting cut. I will never forget how it felt to have my schedule changed. I will never forget how weather, seasonal work, and holidays affected my pay. I can’t imagine what hourly employees are going through during this crisis. A decrease in hours. A decrease in clients. A decrease in gross pay. Little to no benefits. Little to no savings. Little to no tips. It weighs on me because I’ve been there. It weighs on me as an HR professional. To the extent that I can, I will continue to support hourly employees by being a customer/consumer. I will continue to tip for their services. I will continue to order goods and services through them. I stand with all hourly employees. I ask that you do, too. We all have a responsibility to support each other during this crisis.

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