The Problem with "Preferred Pronouns"

Allies: Stop saying “preferred pronouns.” They are not preferred. They are not suggested. They are a person’s pronouns. Respect that by instead saying, “My pronouns are x/xy. What are your pronouns?” #Diversity #Inclusion #DEI #LGBTQ #Queer #Trans #NonBinary #Pronouns #People #HR

"We Belong Together"

In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working at companies that have had very identifiable workplace cultures. They all strived for inclusion with varying degrees of success. I only felt I truly belonged at two (one of those being my current company.) Belonging is so important, and admittedly, it’s hard to qualify. Belonging is not just creating an environment where people can be their authentic self at work. Belonging is also celebrating what makes them unique. Belonging

Allyship Requires More Than Empty Words

Allyship requires support AND action. There is no such thing as a passive ally. You must put in the work. You must understand your own privileges, and by doing so, learn that there are limitations that come with being merely an ally. I’m a queer man. As one, I have a deep, personal understanding of the queer experience. I’m also a strong ally for many communities. For example — I’m an ally for women’s equality. I grew up the son of a single mom, who was the first in her fami

Perfomative Behavior at Work

After I entered the workforce post-college, I quickly realized I was *performing* at work. I was being open about my sexuality. I often shared details and stories about my partner. I wore clothing I felt comfortable in. I was doing everything I thought I needed to do as a queer person, and, in turn, I felt generally accepted. It took me sometime to realize my behavior was actually performative. I was using performativity to broadcast my identity in order to make sure I fit i