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RBG: My Mother's Hero

My mom went to law school because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

As the single mom of two kids under five (my older siblings), she worked to graduate from law school in the early 80s. She was one of the first students at the University of Mississippi to receive her MBA at the same time as her JD. She went on to be a champion for women, just like RBG. She fought racial discrimination in Mississippi, supported women living in abusive relationships in their pursuit for divorce, and always stood up fearlessly for the “little guy” while fighting against the “good ole boy” system.

This was all possible because of RBG.

I lost my mom eight years ago. Tonight, those emotions flood back with the loss of a woman who did so much for womankind, and in turn made humankind a little more equitable.

RBG, rest in power.

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