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Corporate Transparency: Looking Beyond the Core Value

Transparency. It’s a core value at most companies today. But, what does corporate transparency actually mean, and why is it necessary? Can corporate transparency be counter-productive? Transparency is an approach where communication is shared openly and proactively to those that will be affected or have vested interest. It allows employees to ask questions and expect real answers. That said, transparent communication can easily become overly messaged and come across as inauthentic. Reactive transparency, or transparent communication due to blowback or employee demands, can also have negative effects. Many startups over-index on transparency during the early stages, which can cause trouble during scale,. when decision-makers in the room naturally shrink. The key to proactive transparency throughout your company’s growth is to balance empathy with strategy. Ask yourself: What do the different listeners want or need to hear and why? How do you communicate this in a way that prevents blowback and encourages continued productivity? In today’s world, transparency is more important now than ever before, but you have to get it right.

(my best steve jobs)

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