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Coping with COVID

We all cope differently in this crisis. At first, I’ll admit, I doubted the severity. Early on, most news seemed to point to just another flu-like virus. So, I did what I do best to cope — I talked myself off a ledge and said everything would be fine. I challenged myself to think rationally. Weeks went by, and we began discussing closing our office. Part of me still thought it was premature, but I also understood the growing need for employees to stay at home. I rationalized it as an early precaution in an effort to return to work as soon as possible.

Now, three weeks later, I am at home in my apartment in New York, and I’m still telling myself to think rationally. My life has been so turbulent that I crave stability. I thrive in organized chaos, as I long as I still feel in control. A crisis like this has taken that away from me. The stability I found at my job, now has me working from home. The solace I found at home, now feels cramped and stuffy. My partner I longed to come home to, now I just want 5 minutes away from. Everything I built has changed so quickly.

I am now coping with that anxiety by online shopping. Though I see an economic crisis on the horizon, if I am trapped inside, I might as well have new stuff to look at, right?

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