Personal & Professional Development at Work: How to Carve It Out For Yourself

PAY ATTENTION to change happening around you. IDENTIFY OPENINGS & WEAK SPOTS within your current organization. DETERMINE OPPORTUNITY available and ask to own that which can help you grow and foster growth for the company. ——— Many opportunities I’ve had the pleasure of taking on in my career have been because I have paid attention, identified weak spots and openings (sometimes even before my bosses did), and asked for the opportunity to take on said challenge. Though it

Knotch named Inc5000

At Knotch , we had three goals this past year: to grow the team, to grow our customer community, and to grow our platform. Making the #Inc5000 list this year (and debuting in the top 12%) solidifies our accomplishments in all three of those areas and further proves our commitment to our customers, by listening to their needs and doubling down on our platform to provide them with unparalleled content intelligence. These key moves carried Knotch into our new fiscal year in July

Remote is Our Norm

Knotch recently announced that remote work will now be our norm. That said, we will have an optional workspace in NYC for those that wish to you use it. We are reimagining what that space looks like now. I share this, because I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to remain agile and malleable during this tumultuous time. As leaders, we have consistently pushed to answer questions and concerns, often before they are asked, in an effort to provide security and stabilit

Knotch's New Career Site

After hours of work, Knotch has a new career site! Below quote from the new career page about what Knotch means to me: “From the moment I walked into Knotch, I knew I belonged. Now as Head of People, I make it my mission to recreate that feeling every day for our employees and our candidates. Anyone can belong and thrive here, and I am extremely proud of that. Our culture is viscerally felt by everyone that walks through our door. Our values of Transparency, Inclusiveness, an