Yes, We All Have Imposter Syndrome

Yesterday at Knotch, we discussed imposter syndrome as a part of our quarterly mental health initiative. The truth is, we all struggle with imposter syndrome from time to time. Hell, I feel it every time I sit down to write something for LinkedIn. Why would anyone want to hear my advise? What words of wisdom do I think I have? Who do I think I am? I work every day to dismantle those notions for the team at Knotch. I want them to be able to offer their opinions. I want them

"We Belong Together"

In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working at companies that have had very identifiable workplace cultures. They all strived for inclusion with varying degrees of success. I only felt I truly belonged at two (one of those being my current company.) Belonging is so important, and admittedly, it’s hard to qualify. Belonging is not just creating an environment where people can be their authentic self at work. Belonging is also celebrating what makes them unique. Belonging

HR Isolation

HR people have to be chameleons. We have to be able to adapt to our surroundings. It’s a delicate balance — being approachable and removed. Being a culture representative and culturally adjacent. Being business-minded and empathetic. Being a mediator and a judge. Being a listener and a talker. It requires the ability to understand a certain point of view, then determine and understand the opposite point of view, and ultimately, make a conclusion and set the best path forwar