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Yesterday, I broke down

Yesterday, I broke down. After waking up exhausted from no sleep the night before, I went from one call to the next. Suddenly, I found myself with a short break. I looked out my office window, blinked, and noticed tears streaming down my face. I combed my brain for the cause of these tears, and then it hit me. It was the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

As a natural problem solver and fixer, I never feel powerless. I have worked hard to become an extremely decisive and definitive person. I don’t do muddy. And anything that isn’t easily digestible, I kill myself trying to make it so.

But, there is a lot right now that I have no power over. The COVID pandemic is not something I directly fix. The state of our country is not something I can directly change. My friends and family struggling with depression, anxiety, and other health problems, I can’t directly cure.

For me, this is the worst situation to be in.

If you’re like me, don’t let it build to a breakdown like I did. Take the reigns of the things you have control over and attempt to make peace with the things you don’t. There is so much happening. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with helplessness.

Monitor your #mentalhealth and take time to #checkin with yourself and your needs.

This too shall pass.

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