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This Pride Month, Prioritize Self-Love

In college, a group of queer friends and I played a game of Would You Rather. During the game, someone asked, "Would you rather take a pill and be straight, or not take the pill and continue with your life as a queer person?" Over half of the group said they would take the pill.

That small question and the responses to it has stuck with me for years.

It is so hard for any of us to love ourselves. But, it can be especially hard to love yourself as a queer person in this world, when so many people hate you for simply existing and being who you are. As a result, pride month can sometimes be overwhelming, as there are suddenly messages of love everywhere. (And rainbows - lots of rainbows.)

This pride month, let's practice and encourage the act of loving ourselves. I know it sounds terribly trite, but it truly is a journey. It is something that requires constant work and dedication. It is something that takes time, especially for queer people who are still coming to terms with who they are and are still on the journey of figuring themselves out.

If you aren't ready to love yourself, that is okay too. Use this pride month as an opportunity to give yourself the space and freedom to just be. You might be surprised by what you discover.

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