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Taking Money Out of Savings

I took money out of my savings yesterday. It wasn’t money I wanted to move yet, but as the sole breadwinner during this crisis, I felt like I had no choice. Honestly, I was a bit ashamed to have to take it out. It’s money I have been saving for a down payment on a house or the adoption of a child in a few years. Sometimes, that rainy day comes, and you have to make tough calls. Don’t beat yourself up over the tough decisions you have to make. Be gentle with yourself as you attempt navigate this tumultuous time. We all have had to adapt too quickly to this new way of life. We all will be asked to make even more difficult decisions over the next several weeks and months as our world changes around us. We might have to make additional personal sacrifices and shift our 5 year plan due to this crisis. We will weather the storm, rebuild, and come out of this stronger.

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