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Standing Up For Yourself In Interviews

I once was interviewing for a job, and they asked me what I make. I said, “In New York that question is technically illegal, but my desired range is X.” I didn’t get the job. I once was asked for my emergency contact in an early interview stage for a job. I said, “His name is Jay.” They asked me the relation with a puzzled look on their face. I said, “He is my boyfriend.” I didn’t get the job. I once was asked if I was comfortable covering my tattoos while at work. I said, “I would prefer if I wasn’t required to do that considering they are small symbols.” I didn’t get the job. I once was asked what my birth chart was. (I wish I was kidding.) I didn’t know off the top of my head, so they asked for my birthdate and time of birth. I said, “I don’t believe you can ask me that.” I didn’t get the job. I say all this to say that I believe you should NEVER answer a interview question that makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Call out biased questions. Call out noncompliant questions. Call out aggressive questions. Ultimately, ask yourself, “Is this a place I want to work if these are the values they hold?” If not, say buh-bye.

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