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It’s hard to be patriotic at a time like this. Our country is arguably facing the deadliest virus we have ever seen. Alongside COVID-19, we are also facing racism head on, which has acted like a virus in our nation for centuries.

But, when you see New Yorkers protesting for the 41 days in a row, it’s hard to see this movement as anything other than patriotism fully realized. Our country sought and won the independence we celebrate at this time by revolting. We fought treason and won during the Civil War. Women won the right to vote, Black people ended segregation, and the queer community won the right to marry and work without persecution through movements inspired by these very actions.

Revolutions are never popular in the beginning. It takes relentless persistence and determination by a body of people. It takes bravery to face jail, or worse, death. It takes evangelism by amplifying your voice through the streets.

Protests are the most American thing we as Americans can do. Our founding fathers protested colonial rule. Civil rights leaders and activist protested for equal rights under the law. And, today, protesters are protesting police brutality and racism.

THAT is what makes me proud to be an American. 🇺🇸

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