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My Personal Values

In my bio, I have always added my personal values:

⭐️ Leading with empathy

⭐️ Practicing proactive transparency

⭐️ Fostering an inclusive environment

I started this a few years ago. While actively interviewing, I realized how often brands touted their core values. I began to see trends - trite values used by every startup... along with some strange ones. But, it got me thinking of my own values... How did I expect a brand's core values to align with me, if I didn't define my own values. It was then that I came up with my core values.

I believe every person has 2-3 things that mean the most to them at work. It's the actions you expect from your company. It's the behaviors you expect from your manager. It's the outcome you expect from your own work.

Ask yourself what yours are and feel free to share below!

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