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Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

Throughout my life, I have struggled with my own mental health.

It has shown itself in various forms: ADHD, social anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, eating disorders, etc.

But, the common thread is that for far too long I struggled in silence with each of these due to the stigma around them.

As someone who has suffered immense loss, battled my own addictions and witnessed the affects of addiction firsthand, been on the receiving end of sexual harassment, assault and rape, and dealt with the pressures of trying to fit my identity into a box that society has built and pressured me to fit into — I know how hard life can be.

That said, I also know its beauty. The power of connection through trauma is real. When we realize we are not alone in experiences, it makes us feel seen, heard, and less alone. As we share our stories, not only do we reveal more of our authentic self, but we allow others the opportunity to live and reveal theirs as well.

This #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, don't be afraid to get uncomfortable. For it is in that place of uncomfortability that we begin to be truly seen and in turn are afforded the opportunity to fully see others.

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