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IWD 2020: Thank You, Mom

I was raised by a single mom. She put herself through college and law school with two young children. While in law school, she also received her MBA, being the first student ever to graduate with both at the same time from the University of Mississippi. She was one of only a handful women in law school and went on to be one of the few women in the Mississippi Bar Association. She worked for years at the EEOC and throughout her career represented women and children. Later in her career, she opened her own practice and specialized in racial discrimination cases against large companies, including Sanderson Farms. She broke barriers. She shattered glass ceilings. She forced her way into a seat at the “Good Ol’ Boy” table. She was the most inspiring and badass woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing (let alone be her son.) I miss her grit and strive to have an ounce of her perseverance every day. Happy International Women’s Day! I vow to be an even better ally in 2020. I vow to fight for more equality in the workplace. I vow to combat unconscious bias. I strive to continue fighting until each is equal.

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