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I Was Raped

I haven’t spoken about this publicly, though I’ve alluded to it here. I was raped two months ago.

While I have been working through the event, and it’s lasting effects, privately with my partner and therapist, I haven’t shared it with many people in my life. I’ve been struggling with this silently, and it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to navigate.

I’ve always been an advocate of people sharing their story when they experience rape, assault, or harassment. I have even shared my own experiences with harassment and abuse. But, when this happened to me, I quickly found myself doing everything I know one shouldn’t do. Everything SVU teaches us not to do. I felt immense shame. I blamed myself for putting myself in a position to be assaulted. And, I didn’t want to tell anyone (and didn’t for 2 weeks.)

While I’m terrified to share my story, I do so because I know we live in a time of immense isolation right now. It’s hard to lean on others when we must social distance. It’s hard to distract yourself with work while working from home. It’s hard to exist right now, let alone grapple with something of this magnitude.

Many of my personal outlets are unavailable to me right now. This platform has been an outlet for me, so I share my story here. Now to recovery. #MeToo

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