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“I Could Write a Book”

By 1, I still hadn’t talked

By 2, I couldn’t shut up

By 3, I saw my parents get divorced

By 4, I started singing

By 5, I moved to Mississippi with my mom

By 6, I was traveling every other weekend 5 hours to see my dad

By 7, I tried out for & quit t-ball

By 8, I tried & gave up guitar

By 9, I was taking singing lessons

By 10, I lost my grandfather - my 1st death. My grandmother moved in with us

By 11, I was sexually assaulted

By 12, I realized I was gay

By 13, I found community theatre

By 14, I had my 1st girlfriend

By 15, I lost my brother to suicide

By 16, I was sexually assaulted & coerced a handful of times

By 17, I had coerced others

By 18, I came out to my family

By 19, I lost my mom to cancer

By 20, I lost my grandmother to cancer. 2 weeks later, I lost my sister to a drug overdose

By 21, I had spoken to national news outlets after football players heckled our play

By 22, I moved to NYC with $5,000

By 23, I was working 24/7 building a company from the ground up, leading to a nervous breakdown

By 24, I was regularly seeing a therapist & working through my trauma for the 1st time

By 25, I finally fell in love with NYC

By 26, I was laid off due to an acquisition

By 27, I was running HR for the best company & was happier than I had ever been

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