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Black Stories Matter

At Knotch, we help both brands and consumers own their voice online. When I took over comms, I wanted to ensure we took the time to highlight and showcase the personal stories behind the storytellers at top brands. It was important to me that we amplify human stories, not just brand stories. We have now done this through three iterations of #OwnYourVoice.

In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we wanted to run a special series highlighting Black stories. But, it was important to me that we also take time to bring attention to and call for more representation of Black voices and stories in media - particularly in the advertising and marketing space. For far too long, authentic Black stories have not been told by brands, and we would be remiss if we did not bring attention to that through our series. This lack of representation came to a head last summer, after the murder of George Floyd. But now, 6 months later, where do brands stand now? How are brands promoting Black stories today? What could brands improve upon in the coming months to increase representation?

Follow along, as Knotch profiles Black storytellers and covers these important topics through our series, Black Stories Matter. Extremely proud of this series and excited to share and amplify these incredible stories.

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